Earthwin values and cultivates meaningful relationships to effectively achieve our mission

Our goals are achieved through developing relationships and strategies that maximize our impacts toward building a future we can all be excited about.

Dream Team

Randen Traughber

Founder / Chief Vision Officer
Board Member

Bane Saleh

Chief Consciousness Officer / Founder Director of
Mothers of the Amazon
Board Member

Aleksey Klempner

Board Member

Jennifer Moore

ESG Advisor
Board Member

Phillippe Levy

Creator / Designer
Board Member

Kate Koblegarde

Director of Strategic Communications 

Sidney Griffith Gladu

Creative Writer

Kelly Barschig

Technical Recruitment Consultant

Nataliia Bessonova

UX/UI Designer

Ana Paula Sanchez

Brand Manager

Advisory board

Alejandro Torres

IT Project Manager

Caroline Skidmore

Former BLSD
Board Member

Henry Sayre

OSU Distinguished Professor Emeritus

Jackie Wilson

Education & Curriculum Advisor

Marcus Legrand

Board Member 

Preston Callicot

Startup / Tech Advisor / Investor

Teresa Hogue

Strategy consultant