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We're on a mission to develop growth focused technologies,
to harness our collective spirit, for global transformation.

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We reach and empower the multitudes of eco-warriors with tools to expand awareness and create meaningful impacts.

We turn awareness into action

With the transformative power of contribution we amplify joy and connection with innovative technology and engaging play

We cultivate integrity, responsibility and hope

Enrolling people and businesess to become good stewards of our planet.

Leveraging game mechanics and data

We track and report many small actions, to understand our cumulative impact and to stimulate serotonin and well-Being.

Our current youth driven project is the

Crooked River Reclamation Project

Earthwin, Crook County Parks and Recreation are working to restore 26 acres of riverfront on the Crooked River.

Make your event an Earthwin experience

People now realize that all events have substantial environmental impacts.
It is more important than ever for event managers and attendees to appreciate
the diverse impacts that events can have on the environment, and consider how to stage more sustainable events.

Carbon offsetting has become the single most important first step.

Earthwin events



Cascade Equinox Festival

Sep 20, 2024 @ 11:30 AM -

Sep 23, 2024 @ 03:00 AM

3800 SW Airport Wy, Redmond, OR 97756, United States
Cascade Equinox Festival will take place at the Deschutes County Fairground in Redmond, September 20-22, 2024.


Preserve biodiversity

We are working with Mothers of the Amazon, a global network of forest advocates working directly with Indigenous leaders 

Buying land adjacent to Indigenous territories, enabling them to own, preserve, and protect the Amazon rainforest