Digital & Youth Safety

Commitment to Protecting Participants

Earthwin provides educational experiences where team members can thrive, learn, and have fun while making environmental impacts. 

We are committed to supporting students, parents and educators with policies, resources and tools to support the safety and well-being of youth both online and working within their groups.

When it comes to young people, Earthwin programs are designed with the following values in mind:

Responsible empowerment

We strongly believe in responsibly empowering young people to create positive change in their communities through use of our game.

Age-appropriate safeguards

Youth are native to the digital world, but still benefit from our experience and limits. Earthwin strives to ensure safety within our game and sound guidance as students use external social media and technology sources.


We create and connect innovative technologies to provide impactful learning experiences for young people and help keep youth safe online.

This Youth Protection Hub offers you tools and resources to assist in your efforts to help keep young people safe online.

We want young people on our platform to enjoy an experience that they are in control of and that does not compromise their privacy, safety and well-being. We’re listening to young people, parents, and experts as we build a platform that works for young people and is trusted by parents.

The purpose of the Earthwin Youth Protection Policies and Procedures (EW-YPPP) is to provide knowledge, policies and procedures to create safety for everyone participating in Earthwin educational experiences.

The EW-YPPP is designed to educate EW participants and volunteers about child abuse, bullying, hazing, and the damage that those situations can cause. It also sets standards that will help prevent child abuse, bullying and hazing, and provide resources, policies, and procedures that can significantly reduce the chances of injury.

The EW-YPPP establishes the minimum standards of safety recommended for all Earthwin (EW) activities, including team meetings and any other activities. Adults volunteering for any Earthwin educational experiences should understand, acknowledge, and follow the standards set by Earthwin. 

A school participating in an Earthwin educational experience will have adequate and effective youth protection policies and procedures in place. If the school’s or organization’s youth protection policies and procedures meet or exceed the EW-YPPP, the team should follow those policies and procedures. 

The following foundational guidelines will help ensure that EW participants have a safe learning experience:

  • Each student team is required to have at least one adult Team Manager who is a currently registered, licensed educator in the state in which they are working and employed by the school which the students attend.
  • At least one Team Manager must attend and supervise all team activities. It is strongly recommended that each team have at least 2 adults attend and supervise the team’s activities.
  • Team Managers, team members, and team parents discuss the Earthwin Youth Protection Policy and Procedure and any associated training in age-appropriate terms and agree to follow it.
  • Team Managers, team members, and team parents understand appropriate behaviors as explained in this document and know what to do if the EW-YPPP is not followed.

It is recommended to all Team Managers and volunteers to seek training to enable them to identify circumstances that could pose risks to team member safety and well-being and take any necessary actions to prevent harm to our participants and know when and how to report any incidents of injury or harm.

Team members’ parents and guardians are encouraged to be involved in the safety of their students as they participate in our educational experiences.

Earthwin cultivates a culture of candor, where concerns about the safety of team members can be raised and addressed.

Earthwin has created transparent lines of authority with policies and procedures designed to respond to youth protection situations in a timely manner and ensure that, when necessary, appropriate authorities are notified.

Earthwin will acknowledge and review all disclosures and indications of risk, while respecting every individual’s right to privacy.

Earthwin will work with other organizations that can assist in addressing safety risks, including child protection agencies, law enforcement, and legal counsel. Earthwin’s primary participants are teams of young people, and the organization wants to ensure that they have the most positive experience while involved in the program and while creating and sharing their solutions. As such, EW expects our volunteers to conduct themselves in a manner that keeps participants safe from harm and positively represents the organization. Integrity must underlie all relationships, including those with teams, volunteers, sponsors, donors or any other form of partnership participation.

Volunteers, Team Managers, adult supervisors & staff members for Earthwin will work to provide:

  • Safe environments where participants can develop appropriate, encouraging relationships, while observing appropriate boundaries.
  • Educational experiences where all Earthwin participants can learn, have fun and feel safe.
  • Supervision by caring, trained adults who model integrity and respect.
  • Adherence to this policy.