Central Oregon's Dealerships Drive Big Impact with PIE!

Subaru of Bend, TS&S Ford, and Approved Auto’s collaboration with PIE isn't just about enhancing their payment processing—it's about driving positive change. PIE helped this dealership group streamline its finances and give back to the community.

Here’s the the Impact Case Study below showing how PIE created a $12,000+ donation and over $200,000 in annual savings. (or download the PDF here).

Subaru of Bend, TS&S Ford, and Approved Auto are iconic dealerships in Central Oregon. These Dealerships are deeply purpose-driven, supporting dozens of local causes every year. The leadership team engaged PIE to unlock available capital to allow them to support even more worthy causes.

In the first year, PIE will create: 


Savings on payment processing via service charge pricing.


Estimated annual donation by PIE to local non profits.


This Subaru, Ford, and Approved Auto are part of a rare breed of privately held dealerships. Most dealerships are owned by large corporations, and many have lost their deep connection and commitment to community impact. As family-run dealerships evaporate, the pressure on the owners for community support has skyrocketed. The need to liberate capital in the business is of paramount importance to the team and its mission.


PIE worked with the controller and identified payment processing as the first service. PIE built an updated purpose-powered payment offering that liberated wasted capital by passing a surcharge for card payments to customers to change buyer behavior. PIE will then donate approximately $12,000 per year. This expense is now optimized for cost and purpose. In Q2 of 2024, PIE will be looking at Google Workspace and other potential services to continue liberating additional capital to redirect to causes that are important to their team.